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Waltz is a fun, elegant dance that moves around the dance floor. Check out our American Waltz Step List.

Waltz Step List

Waltz Left Box Turn

The first waltz box is a foundational step and one of the first steps you should learn.

Waltz box with Underarm Turn to the Right

The underarm turn is an elegant step where the leader and follower break away and do different steps from each other at the same time. 

Waltz Change Step

The change step is a great step because it helps new dancers to start to progress around the floor. 

Waltz Right Box Turn

In Waltz there are both left turning and right turning figures. To go from a left foot lead you can use the change step to move to a right foot lead to start a right box turn.

Front to Front and Back to Back Side Changes

Using the box step and underarm turn right you can progress into the front to front and back to back side by side changes. This step is also referred to as the Butterfly step. This is a fun step that allows you to open up from your partner and continue to progress down line of dance.

Balance Steps

Balance steps can be a good step because it allows for you to dance in place. This can be good in the case of someone is ahead of you it gives you a moment to dance in place while you wait for them to move out of your line of dance. 

Hesitation Step with Turn

The hesitation step can be used to change direction. This can be used turning left and turning right.

5th Position Break

The 5th position break allows for diversity and a way to open away from your partner. Use this step to display elegance and grace.

Open Break with Underarm Turn

The open break and underarm turn is a variation of the 5th position break and is a good step to learn next.

Cross Body Lead

The cross body lead is a step that is used to change direction. It is a progression from your box step where the man opens up to let the follower go by.

Turning Rock

The turning rock is a fun pattern that gives you an alternative way to change direction. This step involves a rocking action.

Waltz Closed Twinkle

The Twinkle step is a nice way to transition from closed dance position to promenade position.

Waltz Twinkle with Promenade Chasse

The promenade chasse is one of the only steps that allows syncopated timing at the Bronze level. The syncopated timing is 1, 2 and 3 for the chasse step.

Reverse Turn (Left Turn)

The reverse turn is the progression of the simple left box turn. This step moves down the line of dance instead of staying in one place on the floor.

Starting position: Facing diagonal center

Natural Turn (Right Turn)

The natural turn is similar to the reverse turn except it is a right turning figure. You will need to do a change step to get a right foot lead.

Starting position: Facing diagonal wall

Natural Spin Turn

The Natural Spin Turn is a nice step to learn in waltz. This step introduces a pivoting action. 


The grapevine is a fun pattern that adds a little dimension to your Waltz. 

Waltz Music

Looking for some waltz music ideas? 

Check out this spotify playlist for American Waltz music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of shoes should I wear to dance Waltz in?

Generally Ballroom dance shoes have a leather bottom that allow you to slide around the dance floor. For ladies the smooth dances like waltz and foxtrot it is ideal to wear closed toe shoes.

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