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Tony Schubert – West Coast Swing Dancer

Do you love west coast swing? Learn more about your favorite competitor Tony Schubert.

Tony Schubert is a professional dancer who competes with his partner Larissa Tingle in West Coast Swing. They teach and own the Starlight dance studio in San Diego.

Check out the videos below to see Tony dancing. If you want a video review by tony of your dancing check out his packages on WestiePro.

2020 West Coast Swing Budafest

Check out Tony Schubert dancing with Estelle Bonnaire in strictly open at Budafest.

2019 Swingtime

Check out Tony Schubert dancing Champions Jack & Jill with Chantelle Pianetta.

2019 Liberty Swing Classic

Check out Tony Schubert and Larisa Tingle Schubert dancing.

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