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Tush Push – Country Line Dance

Are you ready to dance the Tush Push? Whether you are new to country line dances or are a seasoned pro the Tush Push is a fun country line dance everyone should know.

How to dance the Tush Push


The Tush Push is commonly danced to Earthquake by Ronnie Milsap, but can be danced to many different songs In the video demonstration above they use “The Girl’s Gone Wild by Travis Tritt. Check out this extensive list of fast songs you can use to dance the Tush Push.


Heel – toe – heel with right foot: Standing on your left foot tap your right heel down lightly, lift the leg to tap the toe and then tap the heel again. 

Heel – toe – heel with left foot: Changing weight to your right foot allowing your left foot to be free tap your left heel down lightly, lift the leg to tap the toe and then tap the heel again. 

RF heel, LF heel and stomp: With the weight on your left foot you will tap your right heel forward quickly and then quickly change weight and tap your left heel forward. Next quickly bring your left foot back underneath you to step and then with your right foot forward you will stop the ground. At this point you have both feet on the floor. 

Shake for 4 counts: With your right foot positioned in front and left in back you will shake forward, shake back and then make a circle through your hips twice. 

Step forward right and point: Next step forward with your right leg and then bring your left foot forward and point. 

Step backward left and point: Next step backward with your left leg and then bring your right foot back and point. 

Step forward right and turn: Next take a step forward with your right foot and turn 1/2 turn to your right. 

Step forward left and turn: Take a step forward with your left foot and turn 3/4 turn to the left. Then stomp your right foot twice. At this point you should be facing a new wall.

That is the end of the sequence.

You will continue to repeat this sequence until the end of the song.

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