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Tango is a fun smooth dance that has a little bit of attitude. It moves around the dance floor with quick staccato action. Check out our American Tango Step List.

Tango Step List

Tango Basic

The tango basic is the foundational step of American Tango and is the first step you should learn. The basic timing for Tango used with this step is slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.

Tango Rocks

The tango rocks starts to change the basic timing. The timing for this step is – slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow.

Tango Left Turn

The Left Turn in Tango is a good step when it comes to moving around the room. It helps you to change direction. This can be good when someone is in your way and you need to maneuver around them.

Medio Corte

The Medio Corte creates one of the popular picture lines of tango where the man steps back and the women steps towards teh man while creating a beautiful shape.

Promenade Left Turn

Instead of moving forward you can go into promenade position which allows you to change the direction of your movement. With this promenade step the leader will bring the follower back into closed dance position on the second slow which is achieved with a left pivoting action by the follower.

Left Turning Rocks

The Left Turning rocks are similar to the rock step but the timing is quick, quick, quick, quick and you can create more rotation with this step.

La Puerta or Outside Swivels

The La Puerta or outside swivels is a fun step where the follower steps and pivots on their foot. You can do multiple in a row for a fun effect.

Triple Fans

Triple Fans is a variation of the la puerta or the fan step we just looked at. You can continue to pivot the follower to create the triple fan effect.

Flare Promenade

The Flare Promenade uses the open fan position where you separate and open up from your partner.

Shadow Rocks

The Shadow Rocks combines the elements learned in flare promenade with tango rocks. With this step you are introduced to shadow position where both the lead and follow face the same direction. This is also referred to as same foot rocks.

NDCA Bronze American Tango

Check out the video below to see the NDCA Bronze American Tango steps. There are some additional steps not included on this list. If you are a competitive ballroom dancer this will be a good resource when preparing your routines for competition.

Here is a list of the NDCA Bronze steps:

  • Tango walks
  • Forward basic in closed position
  • Forward basic in outside partner position
  • Promenade turning left
  • Promenade turning right
  • Single Corte or simple oversway
  • Open Fan
  • Open Fan to same foot rocks (shadow rocks)
  • Tango rocks forward
  • Tango rocks backward
  • Tango rocks in promenade
  • Single pivot from Promenade position
  • Linking action to promenade
  • Linking action to closed from promenade position
  • Left reverse turn – open and in line
  • Underarm turn right from open fan
  • Underarm turn left from open fan
  • Twist turn to left from promenade
  • Twist turn to right from promenade

Tango Music

Looking for some Tango music ideas? 

Check out this spotify playlist for American Tango music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of shoes should I wear to dance Tango in?

Generally Ballroom dance shoes have a leather bottom that allow you to slide around the dance floor. For ladies the smooth dances like tango and waltz it is ideal to wear closed toe shoes.

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