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The American Bolero is a captivating dance style that originated in Spain, evolving into a popular form of ballroom dance in the United States.

It combines elements of Spanish Bolero with American influences, creating a unique and elegant rhythm. Characterized by its slow-tempo music and passionate movements, the American Bolero emphasizes grace, poise, and dramatic expression.

Partners dance closely together, executing intricate steps and stylish arm movements, while conveying emotion through their synchronized movements.

With its rich history and mesmerizing allure, the American Bolero continues to enchant dancers and audiences alike with its beauty and sophistication.

Check out the American Bolero Step List.

American Bolero Bronze Step List

Bolero Basic

The Bolero basic is the foundational step of the American Bolero style.

Open Break with Underarm Turn

The Open break is seen throughout most of the rhythm dances. It is a dynamic step that allows you to create space between you and your partner and is often a lead into another step like the underarm turn. 

The Open break can be performed where the leaders breaks forward, breaks backward or using a flex point.

Fifth Position Breaks

The Fifth Position Break is a step where the leader and follower will open up and the break step is taken backward in fifth position. Fifth position breaks can be performed both left and right.

Crossover Break

With the crossover break you will open up to the side and take a short break step forward. The crossover break can be performed to both the left and right side and is often followed by an underarm turn.

Crossbody Lead

The crossbody lead is a rotational step used to change places. It is commonly initiated in closed dance position, but you can end the step in closed position, open facing position or open counter promenade position. 

Left Side Pass

The left side pass allows the follower to pass on the leaders left side. The leader with get out of the way and create space for the follower to pass.

Underarm Pass

The underarm pass is another passing variation where the follower is lead into an inside turn while passing the leaders right side.

Back Spot Turn

The back spot turn is a rotational step. The common lead in step for the spot turn is an open break. The video below demonstrates a spot turn combination step.

NDCA American Bolero Bronze Steps

If you are looking to compete in American Rhythm at the bronze level. Here is a demonstration video put together by the NDCA. Use these steps to put together your bolero routine for competition.

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