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American East Coast Swing Ballroom Dance is a lively and spirited dance style that emerged in the United States during the early 20th century. Characterized by its energetic movements, syncopated rhythms, and infectious music, swing dance has become synonymous with joyous expression and social connection. 

Check out the American East Coast Swing Step List.

American East Coast Swing Bronze Step List

Swing Basic

The Swing basic is the foundational step of East Coast Swing. It can be danced in place or turning to the left of turning to the right.

Follower’s Underarm Turn

The underarm turn can be performed to the right and to the left and can be performed in succession. It can also be referred to as an outside turn or inside turn. You will typically see it danced from closed position leading the follower into a an underarm turn to the right which bring you into an open hold. The underarm turn left is most easily performed starting from an open position.

Leader’s Underarm Turn

The leader also has the option of a left or right turn and going under the arms instead of leading the follower into a turn. The left turn can be performed from open position with a left hand to right hand hold. If the leader would like to turn right it is better to change hands and turn from a right hand to right hand position.

She – He Turn

The She – He turn is another turn variation you can try. It involves the follower turning and then the leader turning. The turns happen in quick succession and performed with in the same step count.


The throwout or sometimes referred to as the throwaway is a helpful step that helps you transition from closed dance position to open dance position.

Tuck In Turn

The tuck in turn is a fun swing step that involves leading a “tuck in” to help prep the follower for the turn. The tuck in turn can be performed from a closed dance position. It is also commonly performed from an open dance position with a right hand to right hand lead. This allows the follower to perform a free spin which is also referred to as an American spin.

Continuous Tuck In Turn

The continuous tuck in turn is a progression from the tuck in turn where the leader and follower will take turns with the tuck in. It is common to finish the step with an underarm turn for the follower. 

Back Pass

The back pass is a turning variation for the leader where instead of turning under the arm they will change hands behind the back.

Spin Whip

The spin whip offers a turning variation for the follower where the leader creates the spin by changing hands behind the followers back. The hand change will lead the follower into a turn.

Sweetheart or Cuddle

The sweetheart step is a fun east coast swing step where the leader will bring the follower into the sweetheart dance position. This step is lead from a right hand to right hand position. This step is also referred to as the cuddle or wrap.

Stop and Go

The stop and go or peek-a-boo step is initiated like an underarm turn, but instead of the follower being able to complete the turn the leader with do a shoulder check which will stop the rotation. Often times you will see this step repeated muliple times in succession.

NDCA American Swing Bronze Steps

If you are looking to compete in American Rhythm at the bronze level. Here is a demonstration video put together by the NDCA. Use these steps to put together your routine for competition.

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