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Welcome to the world of American Cha Cha dance, where rhythm meets elegance in a fusion of Latin-inspired movements. Originating from the Cuban Cha Cha Cha, this dynamic dance style has captivated dancers worldwide with its infectious beat and graceful steps. 

Check out the American Cha Cha Step List.

American Cha Cha Bronze Step List

Cha Cha Basic

The Cha Cha basic is the foundational step of the Cha Cha. It can be danced in closed position, single hand hold or double hand hold position.

Cross Over Break

The cross over break is a fun step that lets you open up with your partner from side to side. It typically starts opening up to the right and then you open to left and then to the right again.

Parallel Break or Offset Break

The parallel break is a variation of the basic cha cha step. The break step is performed in an offset position stepping outside of your partner.

Open Break

The Open Break is a often used as a lead in step. It helps to create dynamic space between you and your partner because your rock away from each other. The open break is often used to help lead into another step. This can be an underarm turn or a back spot turn.

Underarm Turn

The underarm turn can be lead both to the left and to the right. The open break is a common lead into the underarm turn, but it can also follow other figures as well.

Walk Around Turn

The walk around turn is another turning variation. Instead of being directly led by the arm to turn the lead and follow with both perform a walk around turn. The turn can be peformed to the right and to the left.

Chase Turns

The chase turns are a fun flirty step. When performing the chase turn there are different foot options. You can choose to pass your feet, use a locking action or a chasse action.

Cross Over Swivel

The cross over swivel is a fun and dynamic step. It is typically led from a cross over break into the swivel action for the follower.

Fifth Position Breaks

The fifth position breaks offers another fun variation for the break step. You will break back into the common fifth position of dance where your foot goes behind.

Cross Body Lead

The cross body lead allows you to change position with your dance partner. The lead will create space to allow the follower to pass by to change positions. When you come out of the cross body lead you can change your closing position whether it be in closed position, open position or open counter promenade position.

Triple Cha Cha Lock Step or Three Cha Chas

The triple cha cha lock step (aka Three Cha chas) is a fun energetic step that creates dynamic of movement as you progress forward and backward.

Back Spot Turn

The back spot turn is commonly lead from an open break which helps invite the follower in to perform the rotational step of the back spot turn.

Sweetheart – Cuddle

The sweetheart or cuddle step can be performed with the lead and follower on the opposite foot or on the same foot.

NDCA American Cha Cha Bronze Steps

If you are looking to compete in American Rhythm at the bronze level. Here is a demonstration video put together by the NDCA. Use these steps to put together your routine for competition.

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