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Foxy – Forward Walk

Learn how to dance the Forward walk in Foxy.

How to dance the Foxy – Forward Walk


This step can start facing down line of dance, but you really can use it any direction.


Foxy can be danced similar to foxtrot with rhythm timing – slow, slow, quick, quick; or box timing – slow, quick, quick. You can even dance Foxy with all quicks, or all slows. That is what makes Foxy a nice dance to have in your toolbox, because it can be used to dance to a variety of songs.

Leader’s Footwork:

  • Forward Walk left foot leading: Left foot forward, Right foot forward, Left foot side rock and replace weight to Right foot. (count: slow, slow, quick, quick)

Follower’s Footwork:

  • Backward walk right foot leading: Right foot back, Left foot back, Right foot side rock and replace weight to left foot. (count: slow, slow, quick, quick)

Foxy Technique

Foxy is a fun social dance. You can dance it in a more formal ballroom frame or a more relaxed frame. 

Heel leads

When taking a step forward you want to make sure that you are using a heel lead. 

Rocking Step

The rocking action is what differentiates the Foxy from the Foxtrot. In foxtrot the feet come together to change weight whereas in Foxy there is the rocking action. Most steps in Foxtrot can be translated into Foxy by doing a rocking action instead of the feet coming together and changing weight.

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